Who We Are

Integrative Therapeutic Solutions (ITS) is a CARF accredited, person-centered community-based psychiatric rehabilitation program (PRP) that serves adults and minors in Charles and surrounding counties in Maryland. ITS is committed to collaborating with individuals with mild to severe mental illness to create an individualized rehabilitation plan that focuses on the goals that matter to them thereby promoting successful community integration.

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Our Services

Our services ensure adults and minors will receive quality psychiatric rehabilitation services that are evidence-based and designed to improve the quality of life, achievement of goals, and recovery.   Our highly qualified staff provide individual, group and family sessions created to develop skills and strategies necessary to manage mental illness symptoms and thrive in the community.   ITS works with adults and minors receiving psychiatric rehabilitation services to experience success in the following areas (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Improve housing stability
  • Effective verbal and nonverbal communication

  • Maintenance of personal safety

  • Positive family relationships (family as defined by the individual)

  • Nutrition that supports overall health and prescription medications

  • Self-control with addictive drugs including cigarettes and alcohol

  • Social networks that include positive friendships

  • Acceptable behavior within the community including work and school

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